Piano Tuning Rates and Policy


Regular Tuning: $100 flat fee (for pianos that have been maintained over the years and are generally up to concert pitch of A440).


DoubleTuning / PitchRaising: $150 flat fee (for pianos that have been moved, stored, neglected, not played for years, antiques, etc.)


Estimates / Appraisals / Inspection: $75 visit (can use up one hour). This is a thorough inspection of all parts of the piano, inside and out, especially the “action” which contains the small delicate movable parts inside the piano. Clients will receive a written / emailed evaluation of current condition and work recommended. Photos will also be taken. If time allows, a vacuuming / cleaning can be done within this hour (grand pianos will take longer to access the action and to vacuum, clean, inspect).


Repair: $75/hr ($60/hr for registered Fort Greene Music Scene Students).

We offer free 60-minute estimates/appraisals to registered Fort Greene Music Scene students and aid them in finding a piano that is right for them.


Moving & Storage: We have an experienced, insured mover available 7 days a week and a storage warehouse in Queens. Always use a professional!


We also tune grands, uprights, consoles, spinets, hurdy-gurdies, midgets, harps, autoharps, all types of guitars and ukuleles.