Parents Involvement


Music lessons require patience and commitment on the part of both student and parent. If we are going to see your child develop his or her musical talent and ability, your participation and cooperation is greatly needed. To make any real progress, practicing every day (at least 3-4 days a week) and coming to lessons every week and on time is very important. It is imperative that you are supportive and encouraging at home. It is difficult and frustrating to teach a child who is always unprepared for class. Please make sure your child’s homework assignments are completed before the next lesson and that they bring all necessary books and sheet music with them every week. To receive your full hour, please arrive on time, as many lessons are scheduled back to back. Students who are always tardy and unprepared may be asked to leave.


Fort Greene Music Scene does not have a refund policy. We are here to teach your children music. Once the complimentary orientation lesson is given, payment is made, music books are purchased, and a time slot is secured, the child/student is expected to show up for scheduled lessons. Your advance payment expires after each 3-month calendar period (unless a dire emergency or natural disaster, which can be discussed). It is your responsibility to communicate. Parents/Students who cancel often and who do not make themselves available are forfeiting the privilege of receiving future make-up lessons.


Divorced/Separated Parents: Although both parents are encouraged to be involved and supportive, we ask that one parent be made primary contact for the child, being responsible for decisions, payments, cancellations and communication. Whenever possible, it is suggested that the child have a keyboard in both homes to keep them focused and consistent as well as two sets of music / homework books.


Learning music is a wonderful and rewarding experience. It will help channel your child’s creative energy and develop their confidence. It is an investment in their future as well as yours. We look forward to watching your child/ren grow through music. Thank you for supporting the arts!