Koolkidz™ Testimonials

Testimonials from 2002 – 2007 


“Thank you so much for returning to Imani House after school program again this year. Your Koolkidz perfomance art program is a big hit and the students are alway asking to be a part of it.” – Bisi, Executive Director, Imani House, Inc.


“Thank you for the sterling job you have done with our kids this past school year. The culminating show was so well-received by parents, guests and the kids themselves. We are delighted to extend an invitation to your company to return next year. The Songs For Koolkidz ™ Workshop with it’s rich array of positively inspirational messages set against fun, funky musical backgrounds, has been such a wonderful hit with our kids and staff that many have stated this is their priority choice! We hope you will once again join our phenomenal team of professionals here at Imani House. Your offerings are in line with our own philosophies – that which perceive children as active agents with immense potential for social transformation. ” – Hakim Williams, After School Coordinator, Imani House, Inc.


“Both of my kids, ages 6 and 8 attend the Koolkidz after-school program. They both really love the CD and listen to it everyday! My son’s favorite song is Colors of the World, he says it reminds him of all the children of the world, especially his friends. My daughter’s favorite song is Positive, it’s just like herself, she is a positive thinker and wants all her friends to be as positive as she is. A great CD to have at home for the kids to share with friends. Teaching kids positive things now will be a better tomorrow.”  – Ariana, mom


“This multi-media music and dance adventure is life-affirming, filled with positive intention and delivers messages with energy that benefit children and adults. Parents and kids together can enjoy these meaningful songs, sung by and for children, that celebrate life and confront some of the most important social challenges of our time.”  – Allison Squillace, Child and Family Psychotherapist


“We bought your CD last year and it’s been in the car CD player ever since! My five year old daughter demands we play it everyday in the car on the way to kindergarten and back home! She knows every song and sings every word from the backseat! Right now, her favorite songs are Blue Skies and Sound Off.  I never get to play my own music anymore but I don’t mind because the songs are so enjoyable for adults as well. My favorite is the last one on the album, Angel In The Sky, it calms me down after a long ride home. My younger daughter loves when her older sister sings to her! Your CD has definitely made an impact on our lives and makes the long car trips more tolerable for me. The beats are fun and the lyrics are uplifting, a great combo! Please let us know when we can see you perform live! We heard you on the radio and saw you on TV, what a nice surprise! What’s next for the Koolkidz? Please write us back!” – Karen, mom


“As an elementary school teacher, I think your Koolkidz Volume 1 album is an excellent learning tool for the classroom. I use it as part of my curriculum. The students love the songs and try to sing along! Each song has a positive message and is an inspiration to the children. I have them write out the lyrics and discuss their meaning. They also like the beat and often make up their own dance steps! Each song can be used as a lesson plan. I highly recommend Songs For Koolkidz™  for grades K through 6 and feel that it is an asset to the classroom. Please let us know if you have CD distribution and if you have any songbooks for teachers, it would be wonderful if these messages could reach more children to influence them in a positive and educational way.” – Ms Charlotte Lovely, ESL Teacher


“Thank you for sending us your Colors of the World video, my four year old daughter watches it everyday! She listens to your CD constantly and knows all your songs by heart. Thank you for inviting us to your music school to watch the Koolkidz rehearse and perform. After our visit she sings and dances like she is a Koolkid! She has eagerly embraced the positive messages and brings it into her daily life. She recently walked up to two kids arguing on the playground and said, “Stop fighting, be a Koolkid!” It made everyone around her smile. When will you be on TV again? We love the Koolkidz and we want more!” – Maria, mom


“As a public school teacher for thirty years, and now as a daycare provider for 5 years, I have always used music to enrich literature, math, and language arts. For the past year, I have been using the Songs for Koolkidz CD as part of my pre-school learning program. The CD has tapped into subjects that are important. The children have their favorites: Colors of the World, Lets Be Friends and Blue Skies. The four and five year olds sing the words to the songs and the two and three year olds clap and tap to the beat. The songs are fresh and playful and each have their own positive message that leave the children wanting more! I wholeheartedly endorse Songs For Koolkidz, it’s a great experience for all of us here at the daycare.”  – Sandra Nice, Director, NiceCare


Rest In Peace, Sandra Nice who passed away in July 2017. Thanks for all your support and guidance over the years. You were my inspiration!