“My experience learning piano with Ms. Jivana has been an amazing one. I’ve been taking lessons here for eight years, and the skills I’ve learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. Learning music theory has helped me pick up other instruments and improved my singing, and being able to read and understand music is something I’ll use for the rest of my life. Learning with Ms. Jivana has given me opportunities I would have never gotten elsewhere, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time and encouragement she’s given me.” – Lexy, age 13


“I highly recommend Jivana P. Condak as a piano teacher. Jivana has been my older daughter Lexy’s piano instructor for eight years and my younger daughter Aubrey’s piano teacher for four years. She has helped them develop into competent and confident musicians and the result of her efforts is Lexy’s admission in to the Lincoln Center Middle School Jazz Academy in New York City. Jivana has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, especially children. Her capacity to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. This is most evident in Jivana’s work with young children as she started teaching both of my girls when they were five years of age. Under her guidance, Lexy has mastered scales, advanced music theory, song structure, chord progression and Aubrey is well on her way to the same goals. Jivana has outstanding written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized and reliable. She teaches with great initiative and always has a positive attitude.” – Patrice, mom


“Fort Greene Music Scene has been such a blessing for me and my family. I always believed that my daughter had natural musical ability, but I had no idea where to turn to for her to bring it out. By coincidence, I saw the ad and followed up immediately. It was one of the best moves of my life. Jivana is a master teacher and my daughter has learned to read music and play many songs proficiently, It’s amazing! Take my advice, giving your child the gift of music is so personally satisfying.”     – Mark, dad.


“Jivana is a remarkably skilled and sensitive teacher. She is consistently affirming and uncompromising precise simultaneously – no small feat. She teaches music theory with an integrated and comprehensive approach.  Having seen her with my Godson and other students, I can also say she exhibits constancy in her approach with respect to different levels and ages. Jivana gets a high recommendation for musical instruction and other music-related projects”    – Carletta Joy Walker, WBAI Radio Host/Writer/Producer


“Fort Greene Music Scene” was such a great influence and inspiration for my daughter. I will never regret introducing her to music in such a nurturing environment. Even though we live in the country now, we will be looking out for concerts, workshops and events from FGMS for our trips into the city! What a great program you have! Thank you, Miss Jivana, for your years of dedication and devotion to children and music.”   – Maria, mom


“I have been very impressed by my 7 year old son’s progress. Jivana has really inspired him. She has such energy and commitment, it clearly affects him and he wants to play everyday! This has helped his little fingers have strength and coordination as well as developing his ear. A lot has happened in just 6 months! Thank you, Jivana!”   – Jeni, mom.


“My experience at Fort Greene Music Scene has been truly incredible. I went from being a tone-deaf, musically-challenged person, to being able to recognize notes and play the guitar in all types of music. The instructor has been really key in my development. She is very patient and knowledgable in her craft. As a result of my weekly lessons, I am able to read music and play both the acoustic and electric bass. Now, after a hard day’s work, I can come home and relax with my guitar!”   – Charlie, student


“Jivana has taught my daughter piano lessons for the last year on a weekly basis and my daughter has improved tremendously! Jivana is patient, creative and works well with children. I would highly recommend her for piano/keyboard instruction.” – Carmen, mom


“I am proud of myself when I can learn and play new songs on the piano.”   – Jairon, age 6


“We appreciate all that you have done for Jairon. You are an incredible, remarkable teacher and person. Thank you for pouring yourself into the lives of others, and thustly enriching them!”   – Jayda, mom


“I like the guitar and bass guitar because I get to play with other people. When I play the guitar it cools me down and gets me moving! When I grow up I want to be a very good guitar player”   – Qadeem, age 9


“I took guitar lessons because I wanted to accompany myself while I sing. After only six months, I had learned enough to start recording and performing! Jivana was very flexible with my needs and even helped me with some harmonies for my songs. I work with children and have now begun to incorporate music into my art projects with them. It has been fun and exciting learning music at Fort Greene Music Scene! Thanks, Jivana!”    – Dewi, student


“I never thought I would be able to read music until I started taking piano lessons at Fort Greene Music Scene. Now I know I have the foundation to take my music to the top! Thanks for all your help!” – Daniel, student


“Playing the piano is inspirational. It’s like harmony and melody: one sounds great, but if you put them together, it sounds wonderful! You have to have passion and dedication. It’s truly breath-taking! Now that you know how I feel about piano, go try it for yourself!”  – Julian, age 9


“Upon meeting our adopted son’s birthmother, she shared with us that music was her passion. We promised her that we would commit to introducing him to music. I am extremely pleased to share that we have helped him fulfill her wish. He too, has discovered music and has such a passion for it. We thank Jivana for planting a seed, noticing his talent and love for the piano. She has sent him soaring! Within 3 1/2 months, our son went from being a beginner to playing “Fur Elise” quiet confidently. He wakes up and the first thing he wants to do is jam!”  – Marie, mom


“Our children are having a wonderful experience in learning music at Fort Greene Music Scene and are very dedicated to their teacher. She is extremely talented and full of energy, her passion for music and her love for children is sincere and commendable”   – Lori, mom


“I like to play the piano because it gets my mind off of things and I like to perform on stage because everyone claps for you.”   – Markia, age 10


“I like piano because I feel I could be anyone I want to be and I love when we have our recitals.”    – Dawn, age 8


“Piano helps me do things with my fingers such as writing and typing. When you learn to play the piano you want to play it all the time. I like my teacher a lot also.”    – Jesse, age 9


“After playing bass professionally for nearly thirty years, I realized I had never focused on my music-reading skills which limited me in many aspects of the music business. Then, one day while doing laundry, I came across an ad for Fort Greene Music Scene. The next day, I made the call and signed up! As an adult student, I have never encountered such a wonderful and kind-heated teacher like Jivana who really cares about what she does with such passion and conviction. In the five months of music lessons with her, I have learned a great deal about the techniques of sight-reading and theory which I have been able to utilize during studio sessions and performances. She has demonstrated that with the right teaching environment and the right attitude, learning to read music can be a fun and invigorating experience. So, Jivana keep up the good work, teaching and inspiring!”    – John, student


“Playing the piano helps you get into college when you get older. Also I have a sweet teacher who cares about me.”   – Sequoia, age 8


“I like singing because it makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I want to thank my teacher, Miss Jivana for making me like music even more than I did before.”   – Lonique, age 10


“Playing an instrument is challenging. I like experimenting and making up my own songs.”   – Yasmin, age 10


“I like playing the piano because it helps me out in math. I also learn to write my own songs.”   – Najee, age 9


“I like to play piano because I think when I grow up I will be successful in music. I imagine myself being on stage, having won two or three grammies and being famous and everyone cheering my name.” – Ngozi, age 10


As the mother of a child with special needs, I have seen tremendous growth and confidence in my son, as he now has the ability to express himself through music. Fort Greene Music Scene has given my son the opportunity to perform successfully at his first recital ever! I was so impressed, not one mistake! I have tried other music schools, but I felt my son did not get the attention he needed to develop his self-esteem. Thank you, Fort Greene Music Scene!”    – Paulette, mom